ultimate gaming space

Our private building spans 500 square meters, providing complete space for immersive gaming sessions and exciting events. With the convenience of 8 private parking slots, accessibility is never an issue, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying your time with us.

private building

Discover our exclusive gaming haven: an entire building dedicated to gaming bliss. Experience the ultimate in privacy and tranquility, with private garden spaces and serene roads. Here, immerse yourself in uninterrupted gaming sessions while surrounded by the soothing ambiance of nature. Welcome to your personal sanctuary for gaming excellence.

~500 m2

In our compact 500-square-meter space, we’ve curated a versatile gaming hub. From boot camps to chillout zones, console areas, and a conference room, there’s something for every gamer. Welcome to a world of endless gaming possibilities in our meticulously designed sanctuary.

premium bootcamps

Our space will be designed with the aim of providing players with the right tools and a team of experts to ensure not only the proper technical equipment but also an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. Preparations for tournaments involve daily, multi hour training sessions.

~150 m2

More than 150 square meters of space encompassing a fully-equipped kitchen, and a social space adorned with comfortable bean bags and tables.

4 bootcamps

The 4 professional bootcamps have modern gaming setups with ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and calibrated screens to prioritize the health and comfort of players during long gaming sessions.

24 seats

Each gaming station consists of a toptier pc, either AMD or Intel, depending on the players’ preferences. Additionally, it features NobleChairs Hero chairs and Fly-Desk desks with height adjustment capabilities.

perfect for business events

Our venue was designed to host unparalleled business events or thrilling gaming tournaments. This dynamic space boasts a conference room, a dedicated console gaming area, specialized gaming rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a cozy social area adorned with couches and tables.

~100 m2

We’ve dedicated approximately 100 square meters of space specifically for hosting gaming events and tournaments. This versatile area can be tailored to meet specific requirements, with the flexibility to accommodate up to 20 gaming setups, along with a dedicated technical space.

conference room

Within our expansive open space, you’ll find a dedicated conference room equipped with seating for 12 individuals. This versatile room serves multiple purposes, whether it’s for briefings, meetings, or simply as a relaxed chillout space. 

chillout & gaming area

Our chillout and console gaming area with two 75″ monitors, perfect for immersive gaming experiences or presenting selected content such as live streams or marketing materials. 

trusted by

We collaborate with various local and international companies such as ESL, Freaks4U, Frenzy, EpicLan, PLE, Techland and many more. Also it has been used by top esports teams from around the world to collect win after win